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The Famous Panama Jack & the HangOuts Performance Approach:
The typical approach to most Panama Jack and the HangOuts performances is to begin the night with music that the older crowd remembers and enjoys. Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, Grand Parents and Great Aunts and Uncles enjoy recalling music from the 60's and 50's, even including a 40's tune or two when appropriate.
These dancers leave usually before everyone else, therefore their needs are catered to first, allowing them an opportunity to shake a leg and make an early exit filled with memories.

Next comes show time or later dance tunes for older brothers and sisters, and music for the the young professionals. Here is where PJ & the HangOuts performs the music from movies now in video stores: Blues Brothers, Animal House, Dirty Dancing, The Big Chill, Crossroads, Top Gun and other highly recognizable and danceable songs the young professionals recognize because of the movie influence.

Finally, it's the Midnight Hour - Blues and Boogie Time. PJ & the HangOuts leave the late nighters with something to yell about with tunes by the rhythm and blues masters that started it all: Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Junior Walker and the All Stars and more (the list is too long to mention). Depending on the eveing and the crowd, PJ & the HangOuts could leave you stomping and shouting for more, or blues and mellow, slow dancing with that special someone, or perhaps laid back in a good mood working on a night move.

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